Finishing your Extended Essay is always a huge achievement but as our students made such a rich contribution to research, it seemed such a shame to close that chapter of our learning. So in the style of Queensland University’s 3 Minute Thesis, QAHS conducted a 180 EE. Students had 180 seconds to explain complex research studies developed from their 4000 word Extended Essay. They could only use one slide to encapsulate their overall research and they were only allowed to use non-technical language to present.

Seven of our finest researchers presented the learnings and outcomes of their research to the QAHS students during the last week of term 3. The versatile presentations were not only informing but highly entertaining. QAHS was treated to an afternoon of discovering the horrors of algae; why Google is so popular; what is the best whitener for our teeth; the small, silent and deadly nature of PCBs; importance of reading in early language development; overcoming our worst fears and reading To Kill A Mockingbird without discussing racism.

The judges were impressed by the diversity of topics covered and the way the presenters allowed us to access their knowledge in an uncomplicated and relatable way. It was a wonderful afternoon of courageous and passionate presentations. Many thanks to our competitors Saul Beatty, Ethan Bryant, Angela Duong, Daniel Farquhar, Thomas Jackson, Lois Livingstone and Ayla Tartic. Thanks also to our judges Mrs Vanessa Rebgetz, Mr Mark Hunter and Dr Danielle Kay who awarded Angela Duong as overall winner of the 2017 180 EE.

Mrs Helen Weston
EE Coordinator