2013 Academy Awards

This time of year brings a feast of celebrations for our school community. Last week’s Academy Awards were a worthy recognition of our school community’s individual and group achievements. A big thank you to Mrs Vanessa Rebgetz and her team for the professional and entertaining program for the evening. 2013 QAHS World Class Teaching andLearning Video can be seen below:


Congratulations to all students who were recognised at this event for their remarkable achievements. Also I would like to acknowledge parents and QAHS staff who support all our students to achieve. I would particularly like to mention:

2013 Dux - Tait Hearps

2013 Dux – Tait Hearps

2013 Proxime Accessit - Ranadi Vincent

2013 Proxime Accessit – Ranadi Vincent

  • Our 2013 Dux Tait Hearps and our Proxime Acessit awardee Ranadi Vincent – incredible achievements in a school such as ours.
  • 100% of Year 12s received guaranteed entry into Griffith University.
  • Congratulations to Aqua House, the top house in the QAHS 2013 House Challenge.