2014 Chinese Speaking Competition and “Chinese Bridge” Proficiency Competition

2014 Chinese Speaking Competition and “Chinese Bridge” Proficiency Competition.
Organised by the
Confucius Institute at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in collaboration with the Chinese Language Teachers’ Association of Queensland Inc (CLTAQ).

On Saturday 31 May, nine students from QAHS competed in the CLTAQ Chinese Speaking Competition and Chinese Bridge Competition at QUT. Over 200 students from 41 schools all over Queensland participated in this event.

Contestants were nominated by Ms Tseng, and each wrote a 2-3 minute Mandarin speech on any topic. Training for pronunciation and fluency took place every day during lunch break, and in order to practise, each contestant spoke before a large group of students prior to the competition.

This certainly was a great opportunity for us to appreciate the Chinese language and culture, and it also helped us to improve our Mandarin skills and gain confidence in speaking the language.

Contestants represented QAHS extremely well, bringing home awards as follows:

  • Jeenie Kim, Year 12: Merit Award for Year 11/12 Second Language Speaker
  • Jasmin Lee, Year 10: 2nd Place for Year 9/10 Second Language Speaker
  • Amy Zhou, Year 10: 1st Place for Year 9/10 Background Speaker
  • Rebecca Jiang, Year 10: 2nd Place for Year 9/10 Background Speaker

Well done to all the students who participated in this competition. Year 12 – Jeenie Kim; Year 11 – Yash Arora, Sachin Lalloo; Year 10 – Selina Choi, Rebecca Jiang, Jasmin Lee, Yuna Ueda, Zandra White, and Amy Zhou.

Pictured L-R: Jeenie, Selina, Zandra, Yuna, Jasmin, Ms Tseng, Sachin, Yash, Amy and Rebecca.

A special thanks to our Mandarin teacher, Ms Tseng, who has dedicated her time and effort to support and encourage us and made this event possible. This precious experience as part of our Chinese journey will never be forgotten!

Amy Zhou
Year 10