2014 Science Survivor Challenge

Science Survivor 1

The QAHS annual Science Survivor Challenge took place on 14  August, during National Science Week and saw students engage in a series of challenges involving teamwork, strategy and inter house competition. This year’s theme was “Feeding the malnourished populous of Africa”. Students were required to complete nine seven minute activities with the objective of scoring the most house points. This year, the event focused on sustainable food production, thus challenges incorporated aspects of this theme.

As the event came to a close, the two highest-scoring teams, Aqua and Terra competed in a final activity to determine the winner. Aqua finished with 120 points, and was declared to be the winning team. Congratulations goes to winning team members Tara Nelson, Sophie Graziani, Ruth Gallagher, Joshua Saaga and Mediha Basic.

Lorna Hudson
Year 11


Science Survivor 2Science Survivor was a huge success for the whole school, a day that will be remembered fondly by all for its fantastic experiments and interesting challenges. The whole experience was wonderfully organised and run by the splendid Science Operations Staff, Ms Trudy Newlove and Mr Tom Kenyon and in fact the entire QAHS staff who came together to run individual stalls, supervise events and organise the point allocating. Each individual challenge was riveting; from dropping eggs without breaking them, fishing out magnets from the dirt, melting ice and smelling peculiar scents, the whole event was an in-depth exploration into the sciences QAHS has to offer, enjoyed by all students who were open-minded enough to appreciate the event. Aqua house won by a small land slide, sweeping the victory with the most points overall and winning the grand champion challenge at the end against Terra. Aqua won 120 points and the Noble Potato Head prize with the Grand Champion Trophy bust.

Hamish Dignan
Year 12