2014 Ski Trip

Our QAHS students are caring and risk takers. 16 excited students from QAHS departed for a week at the snow falls at Falls Creek, Victoria from 10 – 16 August where they meet up with students and teachers from QASMT. Students’ accommodation was on the snow slopes, enabling them to ski in and out from the lodge! Students had a fantastic time and took away many valuable life-long memories.

“The 2014 Ski Trip has been the highlight of my year. The snow was great and allowed me to really enjoy skiing all day every day. We had ski lessons every morning which allowed me to develop my ski skills to the max. By the second day, I had completed my goal of skiing every black run at Falls Creek, so for the rest of the trip I was able to enjoy myself by skiing my favourite slopes.

My favourite part of the Ski Trip was night skiing on Thursday night. It was my favourite because I have never been night skiing before, and the experience was exhilarating and very different to skiing during the day. As it got later, there were very few people left skiing so it felt exclusive. Overall, I loved going on the Ski Trip, it was a journey of ineffable fun!”

Ben Smith
Year 11

ski trip

“On the 10 August Miss Blackmur and Mr Craig-Ward took a group of QAHS students to Falls Creek, Victoria for the 2014 Ski Trip. After the two hour flight to Melbourne we joined up with students from QASMT and prepared for a long five hour bus trip to go up the mountain and to the snow. After arriving at Falls Creek, we had to walk up the several stairs with our back packs. We did get lost and spent almost one hour trying to locate our lodge! By this stage it was almost six o’clock.

The first day of skiing/snowboarding lessons it was extremely cold and windy. It was at this point where I regretted not buying a neck warmer. For a whole day of snowboarding, I couldn’t feel my face and I know I wasn’t the only one who had regretted not bringing their neck-warmer. During the next few days of snow we thought that the weather would continue being extremely cold and windy, however, the weather was very hot and felt as if we could ski with a singlet and shorts.

The lessons which we had to attend were great as they were very helpful and were fun. During the lessons we all had fallen at least 10 times.  Overall we all enjoyed our time in the snow (even though we had to do CAS reflections…). The night activities which were available were night skiing and watching the show with Pete the Dragon. After our 4 ½ days in the snow it was time to go back to Melbourne where we stayed for a night. My roommates ordered room services and truly enjoyed themselves with their Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream! The following morning we went out and about in Melbourne to shop for a few hours.  At the end of our eventful shopping trip it was time to head back to the airport and back to the Gold Coast. We all enjoyed the ski trip a lot and made new friends.”

Jeremy Lok
Year 10