2014 Year 10 Camp – Hidden Creek, Limpinwood NSW

The beautiful weather, combined with the energetic activities made for a wonderful three days bonding for the Year 10 cohort. The true value and purpose of this camp is evident in comments from the students.

Marena Janse Van Rensburg
Year 10

Last week, Year 10 students attended camp with our over packed bags full of lollies and fun. Getting off of the bus we stepped onto unknown territory. As we all got put into our groups, we couldn’t help but feel a bit cautious of these strange people with whom we’d be spending the next three days. To be honest, I think most of us didn’t know some of us even existed before camp and those friendships we already made, just became stronger through this challenging experience. The highlights ladies and gentleman, if I may speak for everyone, were: the obstacle course, the bush walk (lol) and the absolutely crazy-marshmallow-barbequing- karaoke-singing on the last night.  We all loved camping. It was like a massive sleep over on a ‘school night’. Now, when we walk around school, we see familiar faces and smile instead of just shying away. After this camp, our friendship bonds have grown and we all feel like a family! If we have an opportunity to attend another camp, we’d jump at the chance.

Year 10 Camp


Olivia Hamilton, Naomi Smith and Iley Johnson
Year 10

Year 10 camp was the second step in the initiation process into QAHS. After arriving at the camp site we realised that most of us had never set up a tent, or even camped. This was going to be a new experience. Some tents were majestic palaces, others were more like the leaning tower of Pisa, but either way, they were a place to rest our heads.

There were plenty of challenging activities, but what effort we put in, we were rewarded. Orienteering, although amusing, certainly tested who we would be trusting in case of an emergency, low ropes was teamwork and patience, although was harder than it’s initial simplistic appearance. The cargo net, demanding plenty of upper body strength, firstly appeared daunting in its enormity, but, on closer inspection, was much more doable, especially with the support of those encouraging you on the ground. High ropes were for brave souls, those towering branches that seemed so precarious. The bush walk – the words ‘small hill’ echoed in our minds as we looked up at the near-vertical incline we had to face. Despite our burning muscles, the breath-taking views of the mountains and the inside jokes made along the way were definitely worth it. Everyone enjoyed themselves and challenged their limits.

Dinner was a memorable time. It was lovely to see the acceptance and friendship that started to form in only one day; it was a great atmosphere. We had trivia that night, which brought out our competitiveness and groups battled it out on an intellectual level, as is the expected way at QAHS.

Camp was over far too soon. On the way home, we had a relaxing trip to the Tweed River Art Gallery to see some truly fascinating pieces of art. It was quite an experience and it can be said that we enjoyed ourselves and made many new friends. We learnt some important life lessons: take challenges one obstacle at a time; stay open-minded, even when we are very far out of our comfort zones; friendships make everything better; stars are really pretty in the countryside; beds are actually quite wonderful; sleep is important and sunscreen is essential. S