2015 Griffith University Gold Coast Science and Engineering Challenge

On May 29, QAHS Year 10 Physics students participated in the 2015 Griffith University Gold Coast Science and Engineering Challenge, hosted in the QAHS Sports Hall. It was a day full of activities, ranging from building earthquake-proof towers to crafting Mars mission vehicles.

At the beginning of the day, we were privileged to watch an interesting science demonstration involving liquid nitrogen and exploding balloons. We were then split into groups, ready to tackle the activities and earn points for QAHS. Some of us went off to power a city whilst others created robust buildings out of drinking straws. A lucky few spent the day designing a bridge for testing later that day. A special mention to the teams that created a robotic hand to pick up balls and straws using only drinking straws and strings. What about the teams that had to travel between towns using strings! Many exciting concepts of Physics were brought to life.
2015 QAHS GU GC Science & Engineering Challenge teams

It was an incredibly enjoyable experience, full of challenges and exciting projects. Teamwork and problem solving were invaluable in each activity, and ultimately led to our success – 3rd Place overall!

At the end of the day, we left the venue with a smile, souvenirs and a sense of accomplishment. The Griffith University Gold Coast Science and Engineering Challenge was an incredibly rewarding experience that not only put our Physics skills to the test, but also gave us a little taste of what an exciting career Science and Engineering may bring. Congratulations to all students on your participation and enthusiasm.

Claire Livingstone and Jianing KwokClaire Livingstone and Jianing Kwok
Year 10 Physics students