2015 Kokoda Challenge Youth Program participants

Congratulations to Year 11 students Celine Wienand and Dakota Smith on acceptance into the Kokoda Youth Program 2015.

As a part of the Kokoda Youth Program preparation, the girls will also participate in the Kokoda Challenge on the Gold Coast.

This is an 18 month leadership program which incorporates leadership, challenges, community service and Papua New Guinea Kokoda Track experience.

Kokoda Challenge Youth Program (KCYP)
The fundamental philosophy of the program is the Spirit of Kokoda

“The one thing that every ‘Kokoda Kid’ has in common is that they are seeking a sense of purpose and direction,” says Doug Henderson from KCYP.

Participants come from every segment of society and KCYP passionately believes that there is no difference between those who are expected to fail and those who are expected to achieve in society – except for opportunity and the right support.

Find out more about the KCYP at http://kokodachallenge.com/youth-program-details

2014 graduates Anita Alexus, and Maxime Henn completed the Kokoda trek last year, along with fellow current Year 12 student, Charlotte McAneney. Read their journey and experience here: http://qahs.eq.edu.au/trained-for-months-then-it-became-all-too-real-the-kokoda-track-papua-new-guinea/

We look forward to following the girls’ journey as they prepare for this gruelling challenge.

Alita Blackmur
A/HOD Contemporary Teaching & Learning,
Year 10/Sport Coordinator