2015 Ski Trip a wonderful experience

“The 2015 QAHS Ski Trip was an adventurous and wonderful experience. Not only did participants form new friendships and levels of trust, our IB characteristics were also strengthened dramatically.

The trip began with an early rise to the airport that resulted in a bus trip filled with junk food, crazed singing and more junk food. We did not arrive at Falls Creek until late evening and despite the fatigue from a long-stretched journey, we were all delighted to be face-to-face with what we’ve been anticipating for 6 months: snow. For some, it was their first time seeing the marvelous stretch of white, and others, simply reuniting with the cold brought a smile to their faces. Fueled by the excitement, everyone was extremely energetic as we stumbled our way down the slippery slopes to collect our ski hires. 

The following days on the slopes were eventful and filled with hilarious adventures. From accidentally stumbling down the highest mountain in Falls Creek to getting lost in the woods, every second of the ski trip was exhilarating. New friendships were established and old friends grew even closer. As the days progressed, our trust in each other grew to a whole new level and we seemed to all develop a sense of identification towards our ski trip ‘family’. Whether if it was sitting by the fire playing cards or dumping piles of snow at each other in a friendly fight, each and every one of us enjoyed it to the fullest.

Ski Trip Montage








In the end, nobody wanted to leave. Sadness was evident in everyone’s features as we walked down that slope, knowing that it would be our last time in a long time. We spent the following day in Melbourne and ate to our hearts content before heading back to our families. The ski trip was a marvelous, rewarding experience that left everyone with adventures to tell and memories to treasure.”

Lucy Chiu and Jianing Kwok