2015 UNYA conference

The United Nations Youth Association (UNYA) Queensland State Conference is one of the largest leadership and diplomacy forums hosted in Queensland. The State Conference 2015: Beyond the Headlines, focused on international issues, or aspects of them, that are not usually covered by popular media. The conference consisted of various workshops, speaker sessions and a Social Justice Fair!

The Queensland Youth United Nations conference was a 3-day, 2-night event that would not be forgotten for all 150+ who attended.  QAHS had 15 students attend the three day FullSizeRender (1)conference.  All who were involved enjoyed their time starting with the first day at the Gold Coast Arts Centre and then we went by bus to the Bornhoffen PCYC camp.

In terms of Queensland Academies students, many of us learned more about each other and got to know a couple of smart individuals from the QASMT campus. The festivities began with a panel of distinguished journalists and other news representatives discussing their journeys and their endeavours in their respective occupations. This discussion led to many other thoughtful conversations and discourses from many of the delegates.

Fast forward to the last day, and that was when the general assembly began: a debate where all 150 delegates represented all different countries. This was by far the best session of the camp as it was quite overwhelming with all 150 delegates in the room debating for certain legislation.  At the end of the day, we had to leave the campsite and return back to where we came from and for the remainder of the bus ride we continued to reminisce the good times that we all enjoyed during the conference.

Thank you Mrs Jackson for this opportunity that I will definitely be pursuing every year until I graduate.

Menon, Abhishek


Abhishek Menon,
Year 10