2016 QAHS inter-house challenges continue

“This term has been a busy inter-house sporting time for QAHS. Dodgeball and Volleyball were hotly contested in round robin competitions in Week 3 and Week 5.  Congratulations to Aqua for coming out victorious over Terra in both codes.  Ventus and Ignis played for 3rd and 4th places respectively. House captains co-ordinated referees and team members in an admirable display of leadership.  Well done to all involved. Pictured are the winning Aqua volleyball combination of: Tea Pearce, Yohan Choi, Nathan Xue, Cordelia Mead-Small, Jeremy Lok, Jaike Salmon, Caitlin Hsieh and Micaella Jeong. (Insert: Raymond Tram absent for team photo).


Next on the sporting calendar is the Staff v’s House Leaders netball match in Week 7. This promises to be a thrilling match with the teachers speculating that it will take something special to beat them.

Mrs Julie Bertwistle
Psychology/English Teacher