2016 QAHS Science Survivor Challenge

The annual QAHS Inter House Science Survivor Challenge took place again during National Science Week on Thursday 18 August. The challenge was a great opportunity for students to engage in a series of science based challenges around this years theme, “Robots, Droids and Drones” and compete for the Science Survivor trophy. This year saw Aqua House the overall winners of the challenge followed closely by Ventus.

Mr Mark Cooper
HOD Science and Enrichment
Science Survivor Montage 2
“From the beginning to the end, the Science Survivor was filled with excitement! The academy was buzzing with cheers of encouragement, laughter and for some spice, a little bit of competitiveness. This was a time for Year 10s, 11s and 12s to unite and put our science brains together. A plethora of activities from robot trivia to slippery oil spill challenges made our day even more lively. We also demonstrated our robot aesthetics by building a robot from play-dough and attempted to fly some ‘drones’ into hoops. During these activities, our IB Learner Profile values were demonstrated by students. We were principled, open-minded, thinkers and communicators. Immersed in our challenges, time seemed to fly so quickly. Certainly, it is one of the most memorable and valuable experiences at the academy. All the more so, with a grand finale between Aqua and Ventus competing for triumph with a robot showdown. We, students, express our deepest gratitude to the staff and House leaders who have made the Science Survivor the best it ever could be.”

Cho, AliceAlice Cho
Year 12


“There is no doubt that the 2016 annual Science Survivor Challenge will be vividly engraved into the memories of all its participants, whether it is year 10s, 11s, 12s, or the supporting staff members. The Science Survivor has been a fond tradition of QAHS, filled with fun and innovative challenges that always seem to exceed our expectations. This year, the competition was riveting with droids, drones and robots. From the Game of Drones, where we attempted to fly a seemingly uncontrollable drone, to QAHS’s Next Top Model, where we were asked to get in touch with our inner Frankensteins. I am sure every student was challenged and extended by the broad range of activities. The two teams in the final show-down, who were from Aqua and Ventus, demonstrated a brilliant effort in being active risk-takers and engaging in the ultimate robot battle. By the end, we were all cheering them on regardless of which house we are in, and it is amongst the loud war cries that this year’s Science Survivor came to a close. Needless to say, the year 10s and 11s will definitely be looking forward to next year, where they will strive to win the prestigious Mr Potato Head trophy.”

Zhang, LillyLilly Zhang
Year 12