2016 QAHS Ski Trip

During Week 5, a team of enthusiastic students along with Mr Craig-Ward & Ms Blackmur embarked on the annual Falls Creek Ski trip. We flew to Melbourne, where we boarded the ‘Falls Express’ for the slopes. Lessons began at 8:30am every morning, with students up and dressed in excited anticipation well before time. During the lessons, expert ski instructors facilitated skills and progression through the varying the graded slopes in both skiing and snowboarding. The lessons allowed the foundations for skiing down wombats ramble, highway 83 and main street. With some risk taking students, heading for black runs on the summit. Highlights of the trip included Mr. Craig Wards role modelling of the black run ‘Rollercoaster’, which results in a rather eloquent fall in amongst the trees at the bottom of a very steep slope, and Ms. Blackmur’s shoulder slide head first down the mountain.

At the completion of the day students reflected on their progress for CAS, shared memorable moments and on Thursday evening watched the ‘Night ski show’, which highlights the talents of the ski staff through a global spectacular. The group was lucky enough to have fresh snow on Tuesday night, which made the skiing magical.

After reluctantly leaving the slopes on Friday for Melbourne, Saturday involved a whirlwind tour of Melbourne city including Victoria square markets and Federation square.

Miss Alita Blackmur
HOD Student Services (Acting)/Year 10 Coordinator

Ski Trip Montage2

“Ski Trip 2016 was thrilling, exciting, memorable and definitely cold, it will also remain as one of my 2016 schooling highlights. Skiing has been an activity that I have enjoyed since I was 3, but this didn’t diminish my excitement to go on my first school ski trip. Skiing this year taught me more about myself, on this trip I was more independent when skiing and thoroughly appreciated this opportunity as I had to be a more responsible skier, looking out for myself and my ski partner on dangerous black runs and I had to act  principled and assist first time skiers find a safe path down a mountain. Being very sore from skiing every day is beginning to fade, but I can reflect that this trip has made me more aware of finding a healthy balance between my academics, physical and social activities. I have enjoyed the company of my teachers and peers and travelling to Melbourne was a very exciting and new journey for me which opened my mind to the world around me. Ski Trip was a memorable experience with jokes and laughs that I will continue to cherish and value on top of saying ‘hi’ to new friends around campus. I would definitely recommend skiing and trying something new to anyone considering going next year.”

Kruger, IsobellaIsobella Kruger
Year 10


“The ski trip was a very exciting experience and I really enjoyed being able to improve my skiing ability. It was awesome being able to make new friends and spend the day on the ski fields. This is definitely an experience I would recommend to others thinking about going on the ski trip as it is an opportunity in a lifetime.”

Jones, AbbieAbbie Jones
Year 10