2016 Red25 QAHS Tally

Red25 is a unique giving program by the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. Red25 unites workplaces, community groups, schools and universities around Australia to save lives through blood donation.

Together, Red25 members work towards ensuring that 25% of Australia’s blood donations are secured. You and your organisation can help Red25 achieve this goal. For QA students it is about raising spirits with team pride, leadership and a sense of unity. It is about knowing that a small gesture can combine with those of others to make a meaningful difference.

IMG_2140224 students have donated blood with Red Cross this year to date. That is a total of 72 lives saved through blood donation. An outstanding effort for a relatively small school. To see this total and find our more information see the following link:


Our red cross student ambassadors, Talan Ramsay and Xocel Rampino-Gallo, are working in collaboration with the Red Cross donation centre at Southport to organise our last blood drive for 2016 in week 8.

Students and community members who are interested in donating blood in our drive are requested to contact our ambassadors directly or email ablac38@eq.edu.au

Alita Blackmur
Year 10 Coordinator