2016 Student Leaders’ Induction

This morning, I was very pleased to present badges to our 2016 Mentor Learning Community representatives and House Captains and Vice Captains at our Assembly. As students will come to learn through leadership experiences and the Leadership Learning Workshops and curriculum that all students are involved in, leadership is an interesting phenomenon. When it is done well it appears simple, when it is absent it is very obvious. Many have an opinion on how it should be done, but few ever step up to take the risk that leadership inevitably involves.

At the badging assembly, I hope I challenged student thinking about leadership versus popularity via sharing an interesting poem by An Bourmanne, “The price we pay when we want to be liked by everyone”.   http://www.positivelypositive.com/2015/03/01/the-price-we-pay-when-we-want-to-be-liked-by-everyone/

QAHS has a “flat” rather than a hierarchical structure in relation to student leaders at the school which enables all students to experience opportunities to develop their leadership skills. In terms of badged leaders, we have an active Student Executive which consists of Mentor Learning Community (MLC) representatives and House Leaders – both leadership groups are elected by students. Congratulations to the following students for their commitment to the challenge of leadership.

Main picture 2016 QAHS Student Executive:

Year 10 (Front Row L-R)  Bella James, Italia Malik, Angel Wallace-Miles, Millur Gao, Jordan Lim, Chris Yao.
Year 11 (Middle Row L-R)  Ishaan Haikerwal, Victoria Ng, Mackenzie Pruden, Angela Duong.
Year 12 (Back Row L-R) – Stanley Earnshaw, Rebecca Jiang, Amy Zhou, Alice Cho.

2016 QAHS House Leaders

At QAHS, students “step up” to leadership responsibilities across an extensive range of activities.  Whilst some students will be “badged”, there is the broader group of students who also rise to the leadership challenge through CAS, academics, sport, academy and other service experiences, every day interactions in classrooms and other environments, in overt and public ways, or in subtle and understated ways.  All QAHS students have the capacity for leadership and are supported in developing the attributes of an IB Learner that most certainly position students for effective leadership.

Jane Sleeman