2016 Year 10 Camp

When it comes to reflecting on a typical camp, there are always the usual complaints. From the complaints of having to create tents during a torrential downpour, to the complaints of terrible food or service from the camp staff. Every camp that I have heard of to date has involved a heavy list of complaints. ‘Heard’, because I have never been to a camp myself. Not until a few days ago, that is. So, as a student who participated in a camp for the very first time with the fellow peers of the Queensland Academies Health Sciences campus, I will easily say that any complaints that were being anticipated immediately vanished once we arrived.

Of course, I am very inexperienced in this department, therefore I perhaps have a much different perspective of the general outcomes of a camp. I found our camp at Bornhoffen very welcoming and enjoyable. We were thankfully sleeping in cabins during a week of abrupt and unexpected weather changes, and the only things we had to worry about being blown away were the clothes we left outside to dry after each water activity (although the interesting places that they landed in were…well, interesting.)

Year 10 Camp 2016

There was not a single indifferent soul in our midst. The instructors, the cleaners, the chefs, the teachers – and of course, the fellow students – all showed a brilliant amount of care and support for their fellow peers, no matter how limited each person was. Personally, I feel that my lack of experience led to me being one of the more dependant and relying on people in my activity team. Yet, this did not stop my fellow teammates and supervisors from guiding me through the steps and reassuring me that they had my back. Through trust development programs and problem solving activities, waterfall abseiling and advanced creeking, our humble little group called ‘Terra 2’ became more than just fifteen students tied together by a name. The trust, happiness and affinity that we shared in those three days is something that I am eternally grateful for.

Year 10 Camp 2016

However, that is not to say that I only gained new friendships through them. Throughout the camp, each and every one of us learned the names and personalities of fellow students that we had not crossed paths with before – even the people who were somewhat persistent with staying with the friends whom they had already made prior to the camp. After all of the amazing experiences and memories that we can now treasure for years to come, I can proudly say that we aren’t just “the Year 10 cohort” anymore. As silly as it might sound, we have returned from a three-day experience of a lifetime as a family. I may have never gone to the camps at my former schools, but I am certainly glad that I finally started experiencing these camps at the one and only QAHS.

Demi Politakis
Year 10