2017 Breakfast of Champions

IMG_8818During Week seven, the MLC student representatives attended the Breakfast of Champions which was held at QAHS. The breakfast saw a wide range of community representatives come to our school to talk about change in the community, and how the community can better facilitate change in the future. The year level representatives were fortunate enough to have our voices heard among members of the PCYC, the Gold Coast City Council, and other prominent community members, which was an amazing experience. Before the breakfast, QAHS students were given the chance to have their voices heard by filling in surveys detailing topics including the problems they face as young people in the community, and how they believe changes could be implemented in order to benefit other Gold Coast students such as themselves. These views were then raised by the MLC representatives at the breakfast in a round-table discussion format, allowing for open discussion and thought processing.

IMG_9769For me, the most rewarding part of the breakfast was being able to communicate with other members of the community. It was an extremely eye-opening experience into the ways in which students such as myself can be engaged in the community, and just how much the community really values our input into their decision making process. I was especially thankful that I got the opportunity to be part of an activity such as this where everyone was viewed equally, and all opinions were able to be heard. The input of the students was no less important than that of the heads of the PCYC, or that of representatives on the City Council, which was something I had never experienced before. It was amazing to know that the solutions we discussed might be able to make a real influence in the future. The overwhelming response from the members of the broader community at the breakfast was how well the QAHS students represented the school community, and how meaningful the discussions were when students were involved in providing different viewpoints and perspectives. Overall, I commend all the students and staff involved in hosting such an influential breakfast, and look forward to seeing QAHS students implementing change in their own ways in the community during 2017.

Clare McMath
Year 12 Student