2017 Inter-House Badminton Competition

Week 6 saw some exciting and enthusiastic inter-house badminton competition. The results of the heats were as follows:

Ignis vs Terra:                    21/20 (Ignis)
Ventus vs Aqua:               21/19 (Aqua)
Ignis vs Aqua:                    21/19 (Aqua)
Ventus vs Terra:               21/16 (Ventus)
Ventus vs Ignis:                21/18 (Ventus)
Terra vs Aqua:                   21/19 (Terra)

The finals saw Terra vs Ignis to determine 3rd and 4th place, and Aqua vs Ventus to determine 1st and 2nd place.

The results of these finals were as follows:

Ignis vs Terra:                    21/17 (Ignis)
Ventus vs Aqua:               21/11 (Aqua)

Well done to Aqua for winning this competition.

Dean Ryschka
Sport Coordinator