2017 Language Perfect


Once again, QAHS French and Mandarin students have chosen to show they are knowledgeable, principled, thinking, risk-taking, communicators by participating in the Language Perfect competition. Language Perfect is a competition where students from around the world learn vocabulary online, earn points and compete for awards and prizes. Students compete against each other, compete for their school and compete for their country! It’s fast paced, exciting, and very competitive. Teachers can tailor learning vocabulary to the curriculum that students are working on in class!

Congratulations to the Health Sciences Campus students who participated in the 2017 Language Perfect World Championships during May.  QAHS students embraced the competition and placed 1st in the Australian 1-50 students category and 2nd in the worldwide 1-50 students category while gaining valuable house points in the QAHS House Challenge.

QAHS Student achievements:

Language Perfect Results

Language Perfect Acheivements








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Students who participated commented:

This year, I was able to take part in the annual Language Perfect global competition. As I had never participated in such an event before, I was unsure of what to expect. However, as its name and reputation had implied, Language Perfect proved to be incredibly useful in building my linguistic skills. My French ability grew immensely, and I began to find that I was able to quickly recognise complex vocabulary in texts, or comprehend listening tasks quicker and more accurately. All in all, Language Perfect was a fantastic, fun-filled way to learn and compete with others; in your class and across the world. I would definitely recommend all students to participate in Language Perfect next year.
Natasha Rajkumar – Year 11

In taking part of the Language Perfect global championships, I have been able to expand my speaking, writing and listening skills in the French language, through healthy competition and a practical way of practicing my skills. I was able to track my progresses and improvements, and after that view my scores. I could clearly see how much I had improved in the last couple of days, especially through looking at the progress report on Language Perfect, but also in class time. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone seeking to improve their language skills, from any skill level or experience!
Ezekiel Lubbock – Year 11

Language Perfect is “a popular online language resource used by more than 300 000 students around the world”. Language Perfect offers multiple languages, including French and Mandarin, for students to learn and revise. Recently they held the Language Perfect World Championships. This was a 10 day competition (15th May-25th May) with over 202, 438, 947 questions answered.

I participated in this competition as it was an opportunity to improve my French which I take as a subject. The QA competitors were all placed in the top 50 at the beginning of the competition and some even in the top 3. However, being principled, we prioritised our classwork before Language Perfect and soon lost the lead. Overall, it is an amazing website that is very useful for revision and learning.
Millur Gao – Year 11

Madame Soulard
French Teacher