2017 METIS Published!

We are pleased to have published our latest version of METIS. Our METIS 2017 Compendium celebrates the academic works produced by the 2017 QAHS Year 12 student cohort and represents the sophisticated learning that is a part of our culture. Featured research articles for each of the IB areas of study are included. Public recognition achieved by this research is included. METIS is also available through the state library, so students with articles in METIS should be especially pleased with being published in this way.

METIS was the wisest of the Greek gods and mortals. She was the wife of Zeus and the mother of Athena, goddess of the arts and wisdom. Whilst METIS is entrenched in Greek mythology, the word METIS may also be used to indicate intelligence and ability, ingenious and sophisticated thinking, sharpness of mind, inventiveness, alertness and multiple dexterities. These are the very characteristics that echo the IB ethos and are reflected by the students in the works presented here.

For us, METIS represents the endeavour of learning and the value of complex thought.  A copy of METIS 2017 has been provided to all students to take home to share with family and friends. VIPs including from government, education, business and community also get to see the sophisticated level of QAHS student work when they are presented a METIS.

This, like previous editions of METIS which are available in our library, prove to be a valuable resource for students throughout their IB studies and into the future.

Mrs Jane Sleeman