2017 Trip to Nouméa

A group of fifteen students went on a study trip to Noumea over the winter vacation. They spent one week experiencing the language and culture, exploring different areas of Nouméa and enjoying the everyday life in a French speaking country.

IMG_0020“This linguistic experience has been incredible.  Before departing Australia I did not realise that I would gain so much knowledge of the French language. Upon arrival in New Caledonia, with instructions to open our minds and embrace the French culture ringing in my ears, I decided that I would not refuse any new foodstuffs nor shy away from any vexing French conversation. This proved to be a wise decision and I feel like I soaked up a considerable amount of cultural perspective and language comprehension. I also believe that every little experience and conversation we had pushed us forward.  During the first few days we were quiet and too shy to speak a word of French because not only were we in a completely different environment but we were also scared of saying the wrong thing, yet as time progressed and during our language lessons where we would go out in public and speak French to the locals we were confident students and worked collaboratively to help each other and make this a lovely worthwhile experience.”
Waverly Wilkinson – Year 11 

IMG_0260“The French trip to Noumea was a great experience to learn French and to also experience the different culture. One of the best cultural experiences was being able to participate in the Music Festival to celebrate the 163rd birthday of Noumea. One of the highlights was staying with the host family, as it allowed us to interact with them and see their everyday life, and the type of food they eat.   As the week progressed, I was able to understand the spoken French more easily which has further helped me in my classes at school.”
Sarah Linning – Year 10

Noumea 1jpg“During the trip to New Caledonia, there have been observations that I have never thought I’d make. To come from a very westernised culture surrounded by people glued to their phones and people who cannot eat first without taking a picture of their food to then travel to a country where the locals spend their time sitting in the city centre, watching people go past as they talk to their friends about everything around them. Wherever I went, there was a friendly face that greeted me with a ‘Bonjour’ accompanied by a bright smile. One place I will never forget was the amazing cafe called ‘L’hacienda’, where I ate my lunch almost every single day because the authentic french cuisine and pattisseries were to die for (mainly the Croque-Monsieurs and the Tarte à la banane). Now I can say my horizons have been expanded and my French has improved.”
Eray Koch – Year 11 

IMG_0269“On 24 June 2017, 15 QAHS students, accompanied by Madame Soulard and Mr Turpin, departed for a week in Nouméa, New Caledonia. The trip to Nouméa was an enjoyable experience to practise our French skills in an authentic setting. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of immersion and the valuable practice of communicating in French. I liked the challenge of understanding and responding with spoken French at the school, within the homestay and countless other opportunities. Additionally, throughout the trip we were immersed in the New Caledonian culture and we could experience the beauty of this culture and New Caledonia. A few memorable highlights include the Tjibaou Cultural Centre, the Phare Amédée and the Parc Forestier. A big thank you to our teachers, Madame Soulard and Mr Turpin for this unforgettable experience.”
Aydin Neighbour – Year 10



Madame Soulard
French Teacher