2017 Year 12 Retreat

After a busy Semester 1, 2017, the year 12 cohort were ecstatic to go on Retreat. We were specifically told by Ms Carta to not take any school work! After submitting four final IAs, a TOK essay and an Extended Essay, it was a well-deserved break. On Thursday morning, we travelled to Runaway Bay Sports and Leadership Centre. On arrival, we were taken to our cabins which were very homey. We then had lunch and went to our first activity. As a general comment, the food at the centre was delicious. We expected no less as we were told that this would be the best camp food we would ever have!

On Thursday, we rotated around three activities: CPR with Mr Mitchell, a mindfulness session and an Elevate session. The CPR session was a good revision of the skills we should know in situations where we could save someone’s life. The mindfulness session was eye-opening and we were taught simple ways to minimise stress levels. And being year 12 students, there is no doubt that this will come in handy in the future. The Elevate session covered the best approaches to our studies from now until our exams that are fast approaching. On Thursday night, we rotated between a motivational talk and Laser Skirmish. The motivational talk made us feel excited about achieving our ambitions. The Laser Skirmish was a highlight for many of us. We had a lot of fun hiding behind the bush around the camp site with guns as large as ourselves (for some of us), feeling like agents on a mission!

On Friday, we had four different activities: team building, archery, initiative games and volleyball. The team building and initiative activities allowed us to learn more about each other. Some became archery champions, shooting the bow to the middle of the target. We all enjoyed ourselves during volleyball despite our differing skill levels.

During our time at the centre, we were actively encouraged to demonstrate elements of the IB learner profile as these attributes were also recognised at our Retreat. The learner profiles that stood out were risk taker, communicator, principled, open-minded and reflective. The retreat was a much needed and well-deserved break for all of the grade 12s and instilled in us, despite our school work load, to not forget to enjoy ourselves.

Thilini Dissabandara
Year 12 Student