2018 180EE

The 180EE is a signature Queensland Academies, Health Sciences Campus event which sees Year 12 students presenting their Extended Essay research in a mere 180 seconds to a layperson audience.

A 4000 word Extended Essay would take at least 30 minutes to present, 180EE students are given just three. Inspired by the Three Minute Thesis, founded by the University of Queensland, and, with the University’s permission, brought to our Academy by EE Coordinator Dr Helen Weston, students communicate the essence of their Extended Essay research using a single PowerPoint slide. Member of the Judging Panel, International Toastmaster Mr Mark Hunter, acknowledged the complexity of communicating rigorous research to reach the audience.

The Extended Essay enables students to research a unique topic focus of their choice. Diversity and creativity is celebrated in the 180EE presentations, the 2018 180EE competitors enthralling audience members and the judges with the significance of their purposeful research. Topics ranged from: crisis business management in the airline industry; exploring the concept of originality in music using Chopin’s Nocturnes; investigating the augmentation of cognitive behavioural therapy in treating anxiety disorders in the elderly; examining the reflection of Monet’s works on changing social and cultural values in 19th century France;  the construction of masculintiy by the modern gothic genre in English Literature; the feasibility of public-private partnerships in the driverless car industry;  compositional techniques in video games, and; understanding the role of helicobacter pylori gut bacteria in Biology.

I spoke with Demi, Ethan, Ezekiel, Italia, Julia, Monique, Natasha and Rohaan about the unique set of challenges and insights the 180EE experience afforded them.


Mrs Vanessa Rebgetz
Acting Principal