2018 MLTAQ Speech Competition

On Sunday 19 August, twelve Mandarin students took part in the annual MLTAQ Speech Competition at Griffith University. Exemplifying the IB Learner Profile attributes, all students proved to be Knowledgeable, Communicators and Risk Takers. At the same time, Year 12 students Song Jin Loh, Yi Ni Kong, Hannah Lee together with Year 11 student Olivia McNab performed a very beautiful Chinese Ribbon dance, which was the highlight of this event.

MLTAQ Speech Competition Results:

“Our QAHS Chinese ribbon dance group was given the opportunity to perform at the MLTAQ event last weekend. In the rehearsals leading up to this performance, we all worked hard to ensure we captured the Chinese traditional culture in our movements. With the help of our classical dance instructor, we learned many ribbon dance techniques and arranged these steps into our group performance. It was a rewarding experience in developing an appreciation for Chinese dancing and being able to share our performance to the wider community.”
Song Jin Loh  – Year 12    

“Participating in the MLTAQ speech contest was a fantastic opportunity for me to challenge myself. I wrote a 2.5 minute speech in Chinese about my hometown, and learnt it from memory. Having only started learning Chinese this year, this was quite the challenge. However, I believe it was all worth it as I’ve learnt a lot about my pronunciation and vocabulary. All of the entertainment performances were wonderful to watch. A big congratulations to the ribbon dancers in particular! For students in the future, I would highly recommend their participation in this competition purely for the learning opportunity (as well as its contribution to preparing for the spoken assessment task).”
Sophie Galea – Year 10

Mrs Joanne Cheng
Mandarin Faculty