2018 QAHS Cross Country

On Tuesday 24 April, QAHS held its annual inter-house Cross Country competition. In addition to running the 4km Cross Country race, members from Aqua, Ignis, Terra and Ventus battled it out across a range of competitions including house war cries, a “Connectedness” themed Art competition and green heart activities, to determine which house would be the overall Cross Country winner for 2018.

The winning houses for each event were as follows:

War Cry:   Aqua
Quoits:       Ignis
Art:           Aqua

The winning students for the Cross Country race were:

GIRLS                                                              BOYS
Year 10:  Emer Rogers (Terra)                     Callum Janetzki (Ventus)
Year 11:   Sian Fennell  (Ignis)                     Max Woodcock (Terra)
Year 12:  Stephanie Hall (Ignis)                  Brayden Downham (Terra)

Well done to each of these students!

The final scores for the day were:

4th Place: Ignis (251 points)
3rd Place: Aqua (323 points)
2nd Place: Terra (365 points)
1st Place:  Ventus (429 points)

These points will go towards the final scores to determine the overall winning house for the 2018 inter-house competition.

Congratulations to Ventus for your commanding victory! And well done to all QAHS students for your principled participation!

Mr Dean Rsychka
Sport Coordinator