2019 National Harmony Week

During National Harmony Week 17-23 March, QAHS celebrated diversity and a culture of belonging through a myriad of student-driven events. Read more about this day, from one of our Year 12 students, Noor Saadi.

“QAHS takes pride in being a diverse school in which everyone is welcomed and appreciated for their intellectual abilities, high academic performance and talents and it is very important for the community to acknowledge our differences and embrace them as everyone belongs. On Thursday 21 March, QAHS celebrated Harmony Day; Harmony Week is about inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all Australians, regardless of cultural or linguistic background, united by a set of core Australian values.

There were many activities that took place in the lead up to the day such as: a weekly video in Term 1 shared on campus with the aim of educating our community on what Harmony Day means and its values. An Afro dancing class was held on Wednesday 20 March where students got the opportunity to learn more about African dances and their value as a form of communication for the communities in Africa, as well as a mini inter-house Olympics held during lunch break to get students involved and excited for the celebration of Harmony Day.

On Thursday, the students and staff were welcomed to another school day with Hakuna Matata playing over the speakers in an orange themed campus decorated with beautiful drawing on the walls and stairs in the green heart, orange balloons as well as multicoloured cultural and national dresses worn by the students and staff and orange accessories.

During lunch break, QAHS was honoured to have the Multicultural Community Council, Gold Coast visit our campus and perform a range of dances and activities with our students for the duration of the break. It was a great opportunity for our community to interact with and appreciate another culture and nationalit. Furthermore, there were a range of activities that were available for students to participate in, such as the production of a world map where students were able to pin point where they are from and these points were connected together to illustrate connectedness in our community and belonging, kindness shout wall, gratitude chain, face painting and many others.

To conclude the day, three performances took place after school, all by QAHS CAS groups starting with the Chinese dragon dancers, Umbrella dancers and Bollywood dancers. All their performances were of high quality and much appreciated by other students on campus.

There are no words to describe the pride that QA has in its open minded and risk-taking students who approached the day with excitement for learning and appreciated the effort and work of everyone involved. Harmony Day is about belonging, inclusivity and connectedness; Harmony is a lifestyle that we follow and to be inclusive is to accept that two people are never the same, and they should not be.”

Noor Saadi
Year 12 student. Harmony Day Planning Committee Member


Ms Alita Blackmur

Acting Deputy Principal