2019 Semester 1 Honours List

The fifth element of the PERMA + Model of Wellbeing is Accomplishment. Having a sense of accomplishment means that we have worked towards and reached our goals, achieved mastery over an endeavour, and had the self-motivation to complete what we set out to do. Accomplishment contributes to our wellbeing when we are able to look back on our lives with a sense of achievement and say ‘I did it, and I did it well’ (Seligman, 2012).

Duckworth (2007) introduced the concept of GRIT. Grit is defined as perseverance and passion for long term goals (Duckworth, etal, 2007). People who exhibit grit do not just finish what they started, they persevere at goals over time. At QAHS, our students exhibit grit through a perseverance and a passion for learning.

All elements of wellbeing are measureable and can be intentionally developed with strategies (Seligman, 2011). To build accomplishment, researchers suggest to set achievable SMART goals which focus on learning, use your strengths that have helped with success in the past, use positive self- talk and look for ways to celebrate achievements of yourself and others. During our final assembly of the semester we celebrated the successes of our Honours Board recipients.

It is always a highlight and privilege to present to the school community the students who were successful in meeting the Honours List criteria at the end of Semester 1 2019. Our Academy Awards, held in Term 4, will recognise students at a Gold, Silver and Bronze level. The QAHS criteria for recognition of student achievement is outlined below with Bronze criteria the minimum for semester Honours List acknowledgement.

Honour Board eligibility

in :
Honour Board recognition
presented on Assembly and based on achievement in Semester 1 or 2
Academic Achievement Award
presented at Academy Awards and
based on achievement in Term 3
Years 11
and 12
Minimum progressive IB 34 based
on achievement in HL and SL subjects and Theory of Knowledge (TOK). TOK contributes:.
A – 3 points
B – 2 points
C – 1 point
Nothing less than a 3 in HL and/or
4 in SL and/or C in Theory of Knowledge.
Using the Honour Board eligibility criteria: Gold Award –  IB 40 – 45
Silver Award – IB 37 – 39
Bronze Award – IB 34 – 36
Year 10 Minimum 5 As and nothing less than
a C.
Using the Honour Board eligibility criteria: Gold Award –  7 or 8 As
Silver Award – 6 As
Bronze Award – 5 As

Congratulations to all students

Ms Alita Blackmur
Acting Deputy Principal