A celebration of some Eisteddfod moments

GC Eisteddfod

Aydin Neighbour (Year 10) received honours for Prelude and fugue in C Minor by Bach and competed against fellow “Academians” Ayami Watanabe (Year 11) with Rachmaninoff, and Isabelle Khamsone (Year 10) presenting Chopin and Ravel. Isabelle also placed 3rd in the Trio Cambriare with works by Pazzola and Beethoven. Hannah Lee (Year 11) competed on cello with a challenging piece by Cassado.

Maito Yoshioka (Year 10) played a duet of the Concerto for Two Violins by Bériot, and the Tango Por Una Cabeza by Gardel.

Ho-Se Kim (Year 10) performed in three sections for Cello.

Maria Saito (Year 11) performed in the Violin solo and championship sections where she performed Rimsky-Korsakoff, Mendelssohn and Bruch winning the event. She also performed with Jin You (Year 10) on cello and Luke Maeda (Year 12) piano to win their section and also be awarded the best Trio or Quartet of the eisteddfod. They have been invited to perform at the Musicale at the Arts Centre Gold Coast on 15 October at 3.00pm. It is great to see so many Academy students embracing all opportunities to develop and showcase their creative skills in the community.

Pictured is a photo of Ayami, Isabelle and Aydin competing against each other in the Championships.

Mr Mark Turpin
Music Teacher