A fantastic time at Year 11 Camp!

During week 2 this term, our Year 11 students travelled to South Stradbroke Island for a 3 day camp focused on the completion of the Group 4 Science Project, which we integrate with our annual QAHS House competition. The camp aims to provide an opportunity for Science students to use their creativity and skills to collaboratively and practically solve problems with an interdisciplinary mindset. The focus is upon fun, participation and real science, while gaining a greater appreciation for a beautiful natural environment at our back door. Students also practice independence and self-sufficiency by supplying their own shelter and food throughout the camp. They develop stronger social bonds with their peers through co-operation and teamwork, which help to build resilience.

The students were blessed with clear days this year, although the nights were decidedly chilly. Staff and students enjoyed a fun few days, gaining valuable educational experiences and simply enjoying each other’s company. This year, Ventus was the grand winner of the “Survivor” House Competition. Congratulations and thanks to all Year 11 students who participated in the true spirit of the event and exhibited the traits of the “IB Learner” throughout the camp.

2017 Year 11 Camp montage

“The camp at Stradbroke Island was an eye-opener for the many of us who rarely experience outdoor activities like this. The three days were packed with activities and the challenges that the camp presented were not the kind to be solved with a criteria sheet. Many of us were out of our comfort zones and had to adapt quickly to the camping lifestyle. We had to work as a team, and be mindful of our own actions so that they did not impact on everyone else’s experiences. We all had to learn to be self-sufficient when preparing food, conservative with resources, and anticipate a smaller amount of sleep than usual.

On behalf of the Year 11 cohort, I would like to thank the many families who put time and effort into helping us prepare for our 3 days on South Stradbroke Island. I thank my fellow Year 11 students for an awesome time and the competitive rivalry of the Survivor Challenge. Last but not least, I thank all of the staff members who organised the experience, including Steve and Karen at the camp site.”
Politakis, DemiDemi Politakis – Year 11



Mr Paul Mitchell – A/HOD Science and Enrichment
and Mr Gary Fox – Year 11 Coordinator