A fantastic time at Year 11 camp!

During Week 2 this term, our Year 11 students travelled to South Stradbroke island for a three day camp focused on the Group 4 Project and the integration of the annual QAHS House competition. The camp aims to provide an opportunity for Science students to use their creativity and skills to collaboratively and practically solve problems with an interdisciplinary mind set. The focus is upon fun, participation and real science, while gaining a greater appreciation for the beautiful natural environment at our back door. Students also practice independence and self-sufficiency by supplying their own shelter and food throughout the camp. They develop stronger social bonds with their peers through co-operation and teamwork which help build resilience in the group.

Year 11 Camp Montage

The students were blessed with superb weather this year and were a wonderful group to take away. Staff and students enjoyed a fun few days, gaining valuable educational experiences and simply enjoying each other’s company. This year, Ventus was the grand winner of the competitive aspect of the camp. Congratulations.

“Camp was an incredible experience filled with fun activities. I never imagined a camp on an island filled with beautiful beaches, wonderful scenery and stunning sunsets at the end of each day. Before the days came to a close, many people would go out fishing, including the teachers. One of the teachers, in particular, was an absolute pro at fishing with his cool casting net. At night, there were cooking groups who cooked the most amazing food I have ever tasted. There was this extraordinary, most delicious nachos packed with a magnificent sauce to tempt our taste buds. Of course, I cannot forget about the number of sausage sizzles we had. For me, the best moments of this camp were socialising with friends and eating a whole lot of  food. Not to mention how much learning we gained from the awesome science activities. I will always hold these  incredible moments dear to my QA life. I shall never forget them!”   Wynnr De Castro, Year 11.

2016 Year 11 Camp montage

Mr Paul Mitchell
Year 11 Co0rdinator