A first in QAHS performance and literary history – Slam Poetry House Competition

When it comes to Slam Poetry, there’s a belief that says, “it’s not about the points, it’s about the poetry,” and for the most part, this was true for QAHS students who participated in the first ever Slam Poetry House Competition on Friday 17 May. 

The Poetry Slam provided QAHS students with a platform to express what’s occupying their hearts and minds in an honest, non-violent, creative way.  Featured were poems about being ‘too young’ and therefore misunderstood, proving other people wrong, having forethought regarding parental advice, society’s ignorance concerning the injustices in the world and the time we waste in our lifetimes working, to name a few topics. Interspersed between slams were staff performances, banter from our MCs for the evening and catchy hip hop beats as the judges awarded points for elements such as creativity, use of poetic language and confidence in expression. 

Our audience of QAHS students, staff and families were moved, inspired and impressed by the high levels of professionalism, originality and self-assurance exhibited by all performers.  We would like to commend Ignis (1st place), Terra (2nd place) and Aqua (3rd place) for the courage and commitment their participants exuded in the Slam Poetry final.  In particular, congratulations go to the following students: 

English Teacher’s
Commendation Award: 

Zack Maradeen 

(Year 11) 

Poem title: “Underrated” 
Runner- Up:  Nusaiba Haque  (Year 11)  Poem title: “Sonder 
Winner:  Maeve Cairns  (Year 12)  Poem title:  “Confession” 


The Slam Poetry CAS group would like to thank all participants, audience members and supporters for making this event such a success.  We hope to see even more people join the Slam Poetry revolution in coming years. 

Student reflections:  

For me, the Slam Poetry competition was an eye-opening, unique experience of art and freedom of expression. Hearing the other poets and their works was so fascinating and the feelings of adrenaline and passion in the air was amazing. I can’t wait to compete again next year!” – Nusaiba Haque, Year 11 

Slam Poetry was one of my highlights of this year so far! It was a fantastic event that was super high in energy and featured such amazing poems. I was lucky enough to work in the sound and lighting booth controlling most of the technical aspects of the competition and it was so much fun! I learnt how to use different pieces of equipment and honestly had a blast controlling the PowerPoint, sound and lighting! I thoroughly enjoyed this event planned by the Slam Poetry CAS group and Mrs Chetter and I hope the audience enjoyed it as much as we did!” – Liam Harker, Year 11  

The Slam Poetry competition was one of the many creative opportunities that the academy provides for us as students. Through slam poetry, I found a new creative outlet for myself; a platform to discuss issues that I’m passionate about and tell my story in a poetic way that captures the audience’s attention and imagination. One of the difficulties that I faced while writing and performing my poem was finding a creative way of telling a story that is not typical and traditional;  that’s when I came up with the metaphorical concept of ‘Icarus’ for my poem. It was definitely a memorable experience and I hope to continue pursuing this new passion that I’ve found.” Noor Saadi, Year 12 

Mrs Marnie Chetter
English Faculty