‘A Taste of French’

On Thursday 18 February 2016, High School students along with their teachers were invited to the University of Queensland (UQ) campus for a ‘Taste of French’ experience with the School of Languages and Cultures. The program was held from 3:00 – 7:00pm and allowed students to experience languages at UQ, meet other students and teachers and be inspired for the year ahead of language learning. Following are student reflections of the event.

Mme Soulard
Professeur de Français

“Last Thursday four other French students and myself had the opportunity to visit the University of Queensland campus for a focus evening on French and studying French at university. We spent the night doing various group activities aimed at practising and improving our French speaking and understanding skills. I felt that it was a very useful experience as it showed the different pathways to studying French at university and gave us the opportunity to see the types of things we would learn if we were to study a language at UQ.  I felt that I learnt a lot from the professors who ran the information night. I would definitely recommend this to all French students planning on studying a language at university.”   
Brooke Smith

‘A Taste Of French’ at UQ was very informative and fun. It gave us an opportunity to meet other students who were learning the language, and allowed us to communicate in French throughout the activities, which included watching a French YouTuber and analysing a French song. It also highlighted the difference between learning French in high school and at university level and gave us helpful information about which courses to take if we want to continue studying the language in university, as well as the opportunities and experiences that studying French could provide us with. The mini eclairs for afternoon tea were delicious also, so I definitely recommend the session to anyone who enjoys learning French!”   Linda Matey 

“On Thursday, 18 February, Mme Soulard, myself and four other Year 12 French students took a visit to UQ for the ‘Taste of French’ day. French students from many different schools had come together for this afternoon to experience what it is like to study languages at university. Our first activity was to explore the beautiful university campus on our own, on a quest to find certain key locations. We then got the chance to experience a trial version of UQ French classes – mine included discussing the comparison between French and Australian cuisine, and analysing a French rap! I really enjoyed the opportunity to get a taste of language study at university, and I received a lot of invaluable information about the type of language degrees/diplomas on offer at UQ and other universities around Brisbane. I would recommend any students with a passion for language learning to come along next time, as you get a lot of advice about the possibilities for including languages in your university education, even if you choose not to study a language degree. The day is also a lot of fun, with interesting activities and friendly instructors.”   Sierra Morabito

“On Thursday 18 February I attended the ‘Taste of French’ workshop at UQ. It was an amazing experience and I feel I learnt a lot from attending. Myself and the other QA students had the opportunity to participate in an Amazing Race around the UQ campus, an invention activity in which we had to invent and advertise a new product in French and a discussion about French social media and letter writing. The workshop was mostly spoken in French which was originally challenging, however, I was surprised to find I understood a lot and I really enjoyed my time at UQ and would highly recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to learn French later in their career path, looking to go to UQ and wanting to get a better feel of the campus or simply if you just enjoy French.”    Kiara Pascoe

“‘Taste of French’ at the University of Queensland was an experience that I would without a doubt attend again. A night of French immersion – with all teachers and students speaking French, really adjusts the way that you interpret and comprehend French. Even after just a few hours of listening to people speak, it has made things so much clearer in my mind, and I have gained a lot more confidence in myself to speak it. The night consisted of a treasure hunt to familiarise ourselves with the campus, followed by various activities in French. Mine consisted of interpreting a French rap that gave a social commentary, and creating a new invention. It was without a doubt a worthwhile time and I’m absolutely keen for the next one!”  ‘Dania Khawaja


Main picture L-R: Brooke Smith, Linda Matey, Madame Soulard, Sierra Marabito, Kiara Pascoe and Dania Khawaja.