AMEB Graduation Ceremony

Congratulations to Melinda Sun (Year 10), Angie Zhou (Year 11), Isabelle Khamsone and Ho-Se Kim (Year 12) who attended the AMEB Graduation Ceremony on Friday 1 March. These students achieved either an AMusA (Associate in Music) or an LMusA (Licentiate in Music, the highest grade possible in AMEB) in 2018. Many musicians receive no award even though they work very hard, as these exams are very difficult. Achieving at least an AMusA is exceptional, as only a limited number of musicians get to this level, let alone pass the exam. It required many hours of effort and practise, as well as studying vigorously for the general knowledge in Music.

The 2018 results are as follows:

Melinda Sun achieved an award for LMusA for Piano

Angie Zhou achieved an award for AMusA for Piano

Isabelle Khamsone acheived an award for AMusA for Piano

Ho-Se Kim acheieved an award for LMusA for the Cello and an award for AMusA for Quartet (Ho-Se’s quartet’s name is Quartet Caprice and they were selected as one of the group performers to play at the ceremony).

The students proudly went to the AMEB graduation ceremony where they dressed in robes and received their certificates and listened to some amazing performances.

We congratulate you all on your incredible achievements.

Mr Patrick Emery
Music Faculty