Around the world for CAS

What are the benefits of CAS?  Meet Annabel  Jellett, current year 12 QAHS student.  She has taken her CAS journey to new heights as she has sought external experiences that not only count towards her IB CAS program, but have meant that she has been able to experience some incredible opportunities around the world as a global learner.  Below is a first hand account of Annabel’s advice regarding your own CAS journey presented at our first whole school assembly of 2019.

I am a year 12 and I am going to be talking about how I spent my time at QA travelling around the world on fully sponsored trips and exchanges and how you can make CAS work for you.

During my time here so far, I have had so many incredible experiences, in my holidays I was on exchange in Switzerland skiing in the Swiss alps, the summer before I was on exchange in Quebec. In two months on Anzac day I will be going to Paris, Northern France, Belgium and London to participate in the ANZAC Premier’s Prize. Which brings the countries I have travelled to whilst at QA a total of ten: Germany, Czech Republic, France, Poland, Canada, East Timor, Belgium, France again and England.

All of these experiences had a competitive application process which you need to put a lot of effort into, but as an IB student you are in a good position to shine in the application process.

Here is my advice:

  1. Take every opportunity given to you at QA because you never know where the opportunities will lead
  2. With your CAS program get involved with organisations and events that interest you, such as United Nations Youth
  3. Keep an eye out for when Ms Blackmur or Mr Haydock or another staff member forwards an email
  4. CAS is a core part of the IB for a reason, because it grows you as a person, so think smartly about how you can develop yourself through overseas experiences to contribute to your CAS.
  5. Apply for everything even if you do not think you are going to get it
  6. Do not be afraid to ask teachers for help, I would like to thank Dr. Weston for help in my application for the Premiers Anzac Prize
  7. And finally, be resilient, you may not get into everything you want on your first try, I didn’t with the Anzac prize, but I persisted and now I’m going to Europe in April.

I know it is important to study and get good grades while you are at QA, but CAS is always a great way to do what you love, and for me that was travelling. So, no matter what you enjoy, be a risk- taker and action the many opportunities put in front of you, because you don’t know where they will lead. Feel free to ask me about any of the trips because I would be happy to give advice.

Mrs Melissa Mitchell
CAS Coordinator