Australian Brain Bee Challenge 2015

On Tuesday 21  July, the Australian Brain Bee Challenge was hosted at the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) in the University of Queensland (UQ). The ABBC is an international neuroscience competition hosted around the globe.  This year in Queensland, over 40 schools participated with around 120 students competing to make it to nationals. This year’s QAHS representatives were: (L-R) Zoe Wei, Sandya Indrajit, Angela Duong, Sean Ciancio, John Yoon and myself, Talan Ramsay.

We met Mrs Bertwistle at the train station to begin our hour-long journey to UQ’s St. Lucia campus. The trip there involved some serious last minute cramming where we quizzed each other and discussed topics from the Brain Bee booklet. On arrival we waited in the lobby with nervous apprehension about the challenges ahead. We were greeted by the staff of QBI and had an introduction to the day by Professor Linda Richards who founded the competition in 2006.

The aim of the Australian Brain Bee Challenge is to inspire students to pursue careers in neuroscience and to encourage their interest in this field of Talan Ramsay & Angela Duongresearch. We were given a tour of some of QBI’s facilities by PhD students currently researching in the labs. This gave us insight into the many exciting projects being studied that have real-life application and real-life impact. It was inspiring to see the people who make science happen and to hear the passion in their voice as they detailed their studies to us. Rest assured that many present for the day will seriously consider pursuing a career in the ever-perplexing field of neuroscience.

We are all very proud of our team and their hard work and are happy to announce that two of our representatives made it to the top 9! Angela Duong placing 4th and myself , Talan Ramsay 8th.

Talan Ramsay
Year 10


You can see more of the students’ experience by watching the  ABC’s 7:30 Report – Students Compete in Brain Bee