Bond University High Schools’ Mooting Competition 2015

Three QAHS students recently attended the Bond University High Schools’ 2015 Mooting Competition.  Over several weeks Cindy Huang (Senior Counsel), Caitlene Hillman (Junior Counsel), and Seraphina Smith (Instructing Solicitor) researched and prepared their case argument under the tutelage of Mrs Rebgetz and Felicity Young (QAHS Alumni and Bond University Graduate). The case was presented to a mock ‘judge’, Assistant Professor and former Solicitor Kylie Fletcher LLM. LLB. BNur and was argued for the appellant against Saint Michael’s College, representing the respondent.

The 2015 moot case focused on the Law of negligence and where the responsibility for injury should lie when a person engages in the act of rolling down a sand dune on a site seeing tour. The case examined the implications for tour operators and public authorities in taking tourists to potentially dangerous locations. This experience was extremely beneficial, teaching the team high level communication and advocacy skills. It allowed the students to learn how to form a structured and concise argument with justified and logical sequencing of points.

Mooting was very interesting and is definitely an activity that students should consider, especially if they intend studying Law at University. It allows a window into what it is like to be a lawyer and what appearing in a Court of Law is like. A big thank you to Mrs Rebgetz and Felicity Young (2012 QA graduate) for their help and providing this wonderful opportunity.

Pictured: Caitlene, Seraphina and Cindy at Bond University.

Smith, SeraphinaSeraphina Smith
Year 11