Brilliant Futures Gold Coast 2019

We are very excited to be embarking on another year full of enrichment workshops for our three year groups of Brilliant Futures students. Our STEM program is being broadened for our third year Brilliant Futures|Inquiry Year students, by incorporating E-STEM (Entrepreneurship) and STEAM (the Arts) engagement opportunities.

Inaugural Brilliant Futures Graduation

On 19 February, we celebrated the amazing achievements of our graduating class of Brilliant Futures students. Our QAHS STEM Mentors, who supported the students throughout 2018, also attended this special event.

Introductory Year  

34 students were inducted into the Brilliant Futures Introductory Year program. After being sized up for a lab coat, their first stop was a science discovery lab workshop, followed by our official induction badging ceremony. Two of our graduating students, Anton and Amelia, eloquently and confidently shared their Brilliant Futures Program experiences with our newcomers.

Investigative Year 

Students in the second year Brilliant Futures|Investigative Year are looking forward to the upcoming activities including the Wind Turbine Investigation and the STEM Camp early next term.

Inquiry Year  

QUT Coding the Solar System Student Feedback Reports

On Saturday the 23 February, Brilliant Futures students attended The Queensland University of Technology to learn about both the planets of our solar system, and also to try out a robot called Sphero – a sphere shaped robot that combines learning with fun. We learnt about the planets, sun, moon and eclipses, and then recreated the solar system with our robots. We all programmed our robots to work as elements of the solar system, and also had some fun games of tag using the robots. At the end of the day, we used the QUT Cube to do some more research on physics, and the different gravities that each planet has. We also played an interesting game that allowed us to experiment with water and its qualities without even getting wet! Thank you to both our QUT mentors who helped us out and guided us to completing each task, and Ms Rekort-Blundell for supervising us and driving the many of us to Brisbane and back. We are looking forward to future events.
Andrew – Brilliant Futures|Inquiry Year student

For our first workshop this year, we attended the “Code A Solar System” coding workshop. We worked with Spheros and the program app “SparkEDU” to recreate our solar system, with each group’s Sphero representing a specific planet. I have already worked with Spheros in the past, but I still learnt many things in this workshop, such as the number of segments a shape has will make it into a more accurate circle, but if you put too many segments into a coding program, the angles will most likely be too little for the program and travel in a straight line instead.
Song  – Brilliant Futures|Inquiry Year student

Mrs Christina Rekort-Blundell
Brilliant Futures Coordinator