Brilliant Futures Ecosystems Investigation – implications for humanity

Wading through remote river systems to catch and release fish with surgically implanted tracking devices can teach us a lot about the impact of climate change on the human species. Luke, a PhD student who specialises in freshwater ecology, enthralled Investigative Year Brilliant Futures students with insights to his field research conducted in river systems in northern New South Wales at the recent Ecosystems investigation.

Griffith University’s Nathan campus holds a treasure trove of freshwater abiotic components. Students used a variety of equipment and data collection techniques to identify and record abiotic components for each ecosystem and make connections on how these may impact on and influence biotic components. Drawing conclusions from this field work analysis enabled students to assess the condition of the ecosystems, as well as propose management strategies for the future.

Dylan and Kiko share their reflections on the investigation:

At the workshop I and other students participated in a fun experiment when we were tasked to find invertebrates under a microscope and record what we found. After this we went on a short nature walk through the forest and learnt about koalas and their daily lives. We learnt about the ecosystem by a slideshow at the start of the workshop. The reason the people study the ecosystem is to either monitor the animal species or to understand environmental changes better.
Dylan – Brilliant Futures Investigative Year student

Members of the Brilliant Futures Program participated in the Ecosystem’s Investigation Workshop held at Griffith University Nathan Campus. There we learnt about the different ecosystems and classified animals we found in the water. I thoroughly enjoyed scooping out different animals from water and examining it through a microscope to name, identify and classify them. We learnt the different types of invertebrates found in the water and how to identify them through a program on an iPad. This experience has helped us understand as well as discover these creatures ranging in size from microscopic to as large as a yabby. Overall it was an enjoyable educational experience for us all and the experience we had will definitely benefit us in the future.
Kiko – Brilliant Futures Investigative Year student

Mrs Vanessa Rebgetz
Deputy Principal/Brilliant Futures Coordinator