Brilliant Futures scientific research success

Building on the longstanding success of our Academy in the Griffith University Gold Coast Science Competition, Brilliant Futures Gold Coast students were celebrated in this year’s competition for their outstanding scientific research.

Brilliant Futures Investigative Year students developed their research, investigation and report writing skills as part of their STEM Camp experience in May. Year 10 Academy STEM Mentors, under the guidance of Year 11 STEM Champion Sarah Linning, were in regular mentoring communication throughout the independent research project and ran a workshop with Brilliant Futures students in Science Report writing and journaling as part of National Science Week 2018.

At the Awards ceremony, held in our Academy Lecture Theatre, Griffith University’s Associate Professor Kylie Pitt’s presentation on the science behind jellyfish as an indicator of marine ecology health was territory known to the students. During STEM Camp, they had conducted their own investigation of waterway ecology as indicators of water system health.

To add to the outstanding level of award accolades achieved by students across Years 10-12,  our (future QAHS) Brilliant Futures Gold Coast students achieved in the Years 7-8 division categories:

Communicating Science
Equal 1st Place: Luke Brady and Anton Bagino – The plight of owls in the Gold Coast region and Aditya Shah – Powering the South-East renewably with Wind Turbines

Environmental Action Project
1st Place: Fergus Rebgetz – Saving the Glossy Black Cockatoo

Engineering and Technology Projects
Highly Commended: Samantha Howe – The Wheelchair Assistant

Scientific Investigations
1st Place:  Elleisha Linning – Acid Rain Photosynthesis
Highly Commended: Andrew McMath – Potty Mouth: What bacteria is lurking in your water bottle?

Thank you to our QAHS STEM Mentors Sara Alaei, Olivia Cautela, Amy Dehghan, Sophie Galea, Matilda Shirley, Jodie Wu and Angie Zhou, together with STEM Champion Sarah Linning, who are commended on their mentoring throughout Terms 2 and 3 to develop skills of independent scientific research with the Brilliant Futures Gold Coast students.

Mrs Vanessa Rebgetz
Acting Principal