Brilliant Futures STEM Camp

Future QAHS students in the Investigative Year of the Brilliant Futures Program took part in a 3 day STEM Camp over the May long weekend. They were joined by the QAHS STEM Mentors, a group of Year 10 students led by Year 11 STEM Champion Sarah Linning.

One of the key features of the STEM Camp is to spark the curiosity of students for their own brilliant futures in science. Held in the picturesque Gold Coast hinterland, students engaged in a range of fun and purposeful activities related to the science fields they can look forward to studying as Academy students in Year 10. Students took their field work to tributaries of the Hinze Dam to conduct an analysis of the Gold Coast’s drinking water supply. This study will enable further project work towards the Griffith University 32nd Annual Gold Coast Science Competition. Students also designed, built and tested a prototype solar boat in a hotly contested Solar Boat Challenge event.

Night activities were mesmerising. A visit to the Glow Worm cave at Natural Arch saw students enjoy the Glow Worms at their best, after recent rain. We were also fortunate to have one of Australia’s leading Astronomers, former NASA consultant and Astrophysicist, Dr Peter Teague present on the Science of Space. Dr Teague took us on a journey into outer space to discover and reveal bizarre exotic objects – supernovae, nebulae, neutron stars, quasars and black holes… with questions coming thick and fast from an inquisitive audience.

Brilliant Futures students also had the opportunity to meet their QAHS STEM Mentor (current Year 10 Queensland Academies Health Sciences campus student) and to explore scientific investigation and team building alongside their STEM Mentor.

Enjoy reading reflections from the Investigative Year Brilliant Futures students and the QAHS STEM Mentors:

The STEM camp was a great way to spend time on problem solving activities while getting to know the other Brilliant Futures students and I’m looking forward to getting to do more opportunities like the STEM Camp.
Ava – Brilliant Futures student

Stem Camp was very fun and helped me to create a stronger relationship with some of the children on camp. The camp also helped me with recalling some of the things I learnt in class last year and what I am doing this year.
Joshua – Brilliant Futures student

The Brilliant Futures STEM camp was especially good in the activities. They were educational and fun at the same time. My favourite STEM activity was the Solar Boats, and racing them!
Song – Brilliant Futures student

I, alongside other STEM mentors, attended the Brilliant Futures STEM Camp, for the purpose of guiding a group of bright Years 7 and 8 students. We were introduced to the students as soon as we had settled in and we were able to effectively communicate with them. Throughout the camp we worked with the Brilliant Futures students to ensure they achieved their best in the organised activities and we encouraged them to persist whenever they came across obstacles. For me personally, the highlight of this camp was being able to work with this amazing group of bright students who were so passionate about learning new things and expanding their knowledge. Overall, this experience was very enriching for us mentors, and enabled us to develop our skills whilst also assisting in the development and growth of other youngsters.
Sara Alaei, Year 10 STEM Mentor

The highlight of attending the Brilliant Futures camp as a STEM mentor was being able to interact and meet such talented students, so in love with the idea of learning. They were engaged in each activity they participated in, which motivated me and showed me that being positive in learning will result in gaining the most from it. The children were so smart, which surprised me that at their age they can already comprehend so much knowledge. Overall, the children taught me to always have a positive outlook in learning as it motivates others to do the same, and allows themselves to learn much better as well. This was a special and unforgettable experience that developed me as a person and improved my learning ability.
Amy Dehghan, Year 10 STEM Mentor

I attended the Brilliant Futures STEM Camp as a STEM Mentor and learned a lot as well as had a ton of fun. I was amazed by the knowledgeable and diligent nature of the students and really enjoyed working with them as a whole. My favourite part was being able to work with the students, and I could really see how curious and interested they were in STEM. I look forward to working with them in the future in preparation for the Gold Coast Science Competition!
Angie Zhou, Year 10 STEM Mentor

Mrs Vanessa Rebgetz
Deputy Principal
Brilliant Futures Coordinator