Brilliant Futures Wind Turbine Experience

Our Brilliant Futures|Investigative Year students were recently given the opportunity to actively participate in a wind turbine workshop facilitated by Darren Shepherd, principal of the Toohey Forest Environmental Education Centre.

“On Saturday 9 March the Brilliant Futures cohort had the wonderful opportunity of taking part in an investigation regarding Wind Turbines. When we arrived on campus we were greeted by our Supervisors and Teachers, who too were excited by the coming experience. Rightfully so, for the next hour and a half would be filled with learning curves and all sorts of revelations! To begin with, we had to grasp the concept properly. What are wind turbines? What other sources of renewable energy are there? We went into immeasurable depth and questioned every angle. However, this was merely the beginning. It was the opportunity to build our own wind turbines and experience a new aspect of physics that made the experience truly memorable. That, and our new friends.”
Kate – Member of the Brilliant Futures program and aspiring QAHS student

Mrs Christina Rekort-Blundell
Brilliant Futures Coordinator