Business Management Scenic Rim Tour

There’s something unique about a group of eight motivated students on an informative, relevant excursion which, I think, makes the Queensland Academies so special. Our tour across Tamborine Mountain to visit the Pure Artisan Cheese Factory and through to the Scenic Rim Dairy, organised by Ms. Rekort-Blundell, was an experience we will be able to refer to in our final anticipated exams.

After a brief bus-driving induction for Ms. Rekort and a snappy photo shoot in the QA carpark we hit the road and ventured west up the mountain to discover the secretive production methods at Pure Artisan Cheese. Here, we learned of Michael’s interesting branding strategy and diverse product methods. From triple cream brie to sorbet in the summer-time, Michael’s factory is a popular Tamborine Mountain landmark that I personally recommend!

Our next stop was the Scenic Rim Dairy, operated by Farmer Gregie: a dedicated producer of 4Real products with a passion for making milk the right way! His informative talk on distribution and milking methods was fascinating. His incredible property holds a milking shed with four large, fully-automated milking machines for the cows. Farmer Gregie told us the cows are voluntarily milked at least three times a day and that every cow has its ‘favourite robot’ to be milked from! Our class gained knowledge from both visits which we can now discuss in our final November exam.

A highlight of the trip was when the school bus was being licked by Farmer Gregie’s dairy cows from every angle due to its bright-green complexion! What managed to make the situation even funnier was Ms. Rekort’s failed attempts to move the animals through horn tooting and engine revving; a moment my classmates and I will never forget!

2017 Scenic Rimmontage

McMath, SamuelSam McMath
Year 11  Student