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On 6 and 7 May 2022, our Year 12 Business Management students, Anton Bagino, Emily In, Trang Anh Leand Janvi Makanjee attended the Year 12 Business Extension Program at Bond University where they were able to gain an insight into university life to assist the transition from high school to university. Students experienced an enriching application of senior school syllabus to real world scenarios.

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Apart from completing a Bloomberg data session, students also completed an advanced MS Excel session and were given a taste of the Transformer Innovation Space. A highlight of this 2-day workshop was being given access to the Bond Fin Tech Hub for the Bloomberg session! And a tour of the Bond campus and facilities.

Supported by Bond academic staff, Janvi, Trang, Emily and Anton worked on Group Projects with fellow Year 12 students from as far as Rockhampton, Melbourne, Toowoomba, Brisbane, NSW and Gold Coast. They had to complete written and oral assessment pieces, over 2 days! And finally had to present in their groups to fellow students and academics.

It is a matter of pride that Anton Bagino was awarded 2nd place and a 25% Scholarship. This is an outstanding achievement, as Anton was recognised for his Excel calculations test, creative thinking assessment, report writing, group pitch and reflective thinking.

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Anton provides a reflection on his experience:
The Bond Extension Program was interesting and challenging, yet a rewarding experience for myself. The main goal of the program was to challenge high school students to work together within an un-familiar group, formulating an idea on how the Gold Coast can kickstart the tourism industry back into action. In just two days, the groups were required to create an idea, compose a formal report, create an interactive presentation, and then pitch their final proposal to a panel of judges, in front of the other participants. Additionally, we were taken through a course of basic Bloomberg Terminal training, were tested on our ability to perform some complex Excel calculations and were served delicious lunches. With the helpful tools, techniques and frameworks I learned in the IB Business Management curriculum, I would highly recommend any prospective Business Management student to participate in the Year 12 Business Extension Program, in order to expand their knowledge and connections, have a fun experience, and have a good chance of being awarded financial incentives.

Congratulations once again to our four students.

Leena Palekar
Business Management & Theory of Knowledge teaching faculty

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Last reviewed 17 June 2022
Last updated 17 June 2022