Bond University – Ideas Camp 20 August 2020


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Several of our Business Management and Economics students had the opportunity to participate in the 2020 Ideas Camp -  a one day business bootcamp designed exclusively for our next gen corporate adventurers. From all accounts, it was an engaging and inspiring event enjoyed immensely by our attendees.

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(Mark Zmazly, founder of HipPocket and HipMoney’s story about his success)

"This ideas camp held at Bond University was a fantastic experience. The lecturer Dr Baden U'Ren, is a passionate businessman who allowed me to identify my personal strengths if I was going to start a business, and he was encouragingly guiding me to sense the entrepreneurial superpower with other creative business practical activities. While we were being activated with creativity and innovation, the camp also provided a great opportunity for us to engage with two real-world business managers, Mark Zmarzly and Emma Sam, and a dual world record holding adventurer Eleanor Carey. Through their stories, I explored the key motivation and inspiration behind their success and learnt the significance of passion, persistence, curiosity and courage to one's life journey. Subsequently, I reflected on myself to see how I can achieve my goals in the future with their advice. Overall, it was an amazing one-day camp that people who are interested in business shouldn't miss out on."
Candice Liu
Year 11 Economics

"I was delighted with the opportunity to attend the 2020 Bond University Ideas Camp, hosted on the Bond Campus by Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, Dr Baden U'ren. On the day, I was able to meet with different, like-minded people from across the Gold Coast, some even from Brisbane, to share and connect our ideas for our future. The speeches during the event, presented by Mark Zmarzly, Emma Sam, and Eleanor Carey, all allowed me, as part of the audience, to connect with my purpose in life, and inspired us to network with others around us. This experience really allowed me to be thankful and reflect on all the opportunities that we are handed in life, and to take them with joyous passion."
Yalun Yang
Year 11 Business Management

"The 2020 Bond University Ideas Camp presented us an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and hear the stories of three amazing individuals. It was truly a wonderful opportunity to better understand the world of innovation and business startups. The speakers aimed to "demystify" misconceptions in the field of entrepreneurship and make the idea of starting up your business less daunting. It does not take a revolutionary idea to start a successful business, it just takes time and effort. All in all, I certainly learnt some new things and I would highly recommend this camp to anyone with even the slightest amount of interest in learning more about entrepreneurship."
Ben Liu 
Year 11 Business Management

Mrs Christina Rekort-Blundall 
Business Management/Economics Faculty 

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