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iREVIEW (digital book review)

Our Brilliant Futures enrichment program participants enjoyed a number of recent activities over the last term. Brilliant Futures students in the Investigative and Inquiry Year were given the opportunity to take part in a new initiative introduced in our QAHS library – iReview. 

iReview is a digital collection of multimedia book reviews produced by students. The aim of this initiative is to promote wider reading across our campus by providing users of the QAHS library with on-demand reviews of available books via iPads, which are strategically located on library shelves.


Griffith University Gold Coast Science Competition

Brilliant Futures students in the investigative year were given the opportunity to partake in Griffith University's annual Gold Coast Science Competition. We had three students take on the challenge and investigate a variety of science themes;

Hayden – Scientific Investigation – The effects of varying concentrations of sugar on the rate of fermentation by saccharomyces cerevisiae. Awarded Highly Commended.

Joey – Scientific Investigation – The effect of PH Levels in Plants.

Laurel – Engineering and Technology Project – A prototype model of a dam water level overflow alarm

Congratulations to these students on their competition entries and thank you also to our QAHS STEM Mentors Maggie Chi and Kelly Zhou,  for their weekend workshop mentoring of our Brilliant Futures students, assisting them in developing the skills of independent scientific research.

Maggie and Kelly.jpg

UQ STEM Experience Day

Our university partner provided our Investigative Year students with three engaging workshops by the Faculty of Engineering . The workshops aim to improve the analytical and problem solving skills of students, and complements the new Technology curriculum by providing a project-based learning activity.

Technology and Design Workshop  - Students started in the computer lab and tested some accessible and engaging Makey Makey microcontrollers.


Engineers without Borders "Clean Water" Workshop / Sustainable Bridge Workshop  - students were able to choose either a bio-chemical engineering focus or a civil engineering focus when investigating solving needs based problems in developing countries.


Algorithmic Thinking and Ozbots Workshop – after becoming familiar with Ozbots and their colour coding language, students enthusiastically took on the challenge to build a coded Ozbot racetrack and test their coded track against their peers.


"Great fun playing and experimenting with micro-controllers and conducting materials."

"It was fun to learn the mechanics behind the way that phones and computers work."

"Making control keys out of play dough was unexpected and fun!"

"It was good fun to be challenged to make the most sustainable bridge while using limited materials."

"It was a brilliant experience which was compelling and influenced me on how we should act and what we can do."

"The workshop helped me investigate engineering on a bigger level. It made me realise that the field of engineering is not just about building and constructing technologies – it is about fixing real-world issues and giving back to society."

Griffith University STEM Cup Challenge

The STEM Cup, is a competition run by Griffith University, where teams battle it out in fun, weekly, hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths challenges to compete for the STEM Cup!

Participation in the after school STEM Cup was offered to our Introductory and Investigative Year Brilliant Future students. The students competed in teams in the Secondary division, over a period of seven weeks. Each week the teams score points for the challenges they complete with the top scoring teams earning a place at the STEM Cup Grand Final held in November at Griffith University.

The challenges change weekly, allowing the competition to cover a broad range of topics across Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. All challenges aim to link learning to real world applications, putting what the teams are doing into a larger perspective.



Mrs Christina Rekort-Blundell
Brilliant Futures Coordinator



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Last reviewed 29 October 2019
Last updated 29 October 2019