Celebrating our Semester 2, 2021 Honours Board Recipients



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 “Authentic Grit" is the passionate pursuit of hard goals that awes and inspires others to become better people, flourish emotionally, take positive risks and live their best lives (Miller, 2019).

Duckworth (2017) suggested that a number of the strengths that underpin grit, such as optimism and impulse control, are inherited, however many of the traits and behaviours of authentic grit can be learned. For example, goal-setting is a learnable science, as is self-regulation, developing a growth mindset and building positive relationships.

It is suggested to cultivate gritty behaviour, is to build positive relationships with others (Miller, 2019). People with authentic grit foster teamwork and camaraderie, they flourish in their relationships and lift other people up.  One strategy to build positive relationships and boost our personal sense of accomplishment at QAHS is to celebrate our achievements and those achievements of others (Quaid & Kern, 2019).

This week at QAHS we celebrate the accomplishments of our students via the Honours Board. At our virtual whole Academy assembly this week, we acknowledged students who have achieved academic excellence across their subject areas.

To qualify for the QAHS Honours Board in each semester, students in Year 10 require a minimum 5 A grades and no less than C in their six subject areas. Students in Year 11 and 12 require a minimum IB progressive score of 34 in their HL and SL subjects including TOK. Additionally, students must achieve nothing less than a 3 in HL subjects, nothing less than a 4 in SL subjects and nothing less than a C in TOK (TOK contributes 1 point for a C grade, 2 points for a B grade and 3 points for a C grade).

We congratulate the many students who appear on the QAHS Honours Board for Semester 2 2021 for their outstanding achievements.

Year 10 Semester 2, 2021

Year 10 Honours 2021 Row 1.png

Year 10 Honours 2021 Row 2.png

​Jessica Ashe​​
​​Ashley Kuzmanov​
​Samuel Brown
​Issac Kwak
​Ariel Ding
​Song Qi Loh
​Katya Gratchev
​Andrew McMath
​Regina Hoare
​Kartik Nayak
​Kiko Kagiyama
​Sahrish Nouryan
​Anenya Kale
​Victoria Qin
​Reita Khuthir
​Tom Van Loon

Year 11 Semester 2, 2021

Year 11 Honours 2021 v1.pngYear 11 Honours 2021 v2.png

Year 11 Honours 2021 v3.png

Year 11 Honours 2021 v4.png

​​Joshua Bocock
​Sky Holman
​Kaiser Lau
​Kiyo Suzuki
​​Antoinique Botha
​Samantha Hon
​Linda Lin
​Anna Tian
​Tayla Bryer
​Charli Horchner
​Lauren Luchs
​Thien Tran
​Daniel Cao
​Ellen Im
​Koko McLaughlin
​Stanley Wey
​Lola Caple
​Irene Im
​Dylan McSween
​Ray Winson
​Sophie Caruana
​Emily In
​Jamie Mitchell
​Hansen Yang
​Jonathon Chi
​Asuka Irikiin
​Tanya Nagrani
​Ivan Yang
​Sheridan de Borzat​ti​
​Ella Jacobs
​Ryutaro Nakamura
​Linda Yang
​Alyssa Deanoz
​Kai Jang
​Joshua Narain
​Caitlin Yeh
Lily Durdev​
​Gurmanjot Jassal
​Celeste Nutley
​James Fan
​Eden Johnson
​Sienna O'Connor
​James Fang
​Marli Joubert
​Nya​ Piamrojanaphat
​Andrew Fong
​Zoha Khan
​Naisha Rahman
​Cailin Godfrey
​Harry Kim
​Griffin Reid
​Philo Guirguis
​Hajin Kim
​Keigo Seki
​Dhruv Gupta
​Layla Kishi
​Jason Sinclair

Mrs Alita Lee
Deputy Principal​

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Last reviewed 21 February 2022
Last updated 21 February 2022