Chinese New Year 2020


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On Tuesday 18 February, the year of the Golden Rat –  (金鼠年jīn shǔ nián),  Chinese New Year Assembly was kicked off by the energetic dragon dance performance as part of our school tradition. This was followed by the colourful and elegant Chinese IMG_1508.jpgwater sleeve dance. Year 11 students Rohan Murray and Sasha-Lee Kuzmanov showcased their talents in singing a Chinese song beautifully when accompanying the water sleeve dance. This wonderful assembly was not only filled with culture, but also knowledge. Six styles of Hanfu costumes were demonstrated by twelve Year 11 students. The style of Hanfu indicated an official's rank in the dynasty. For example, circular-collar robes(圆领袍 yuán lǐng páo)were worn by officials in the Song dynasty. An ancient pitch-pot game called tóu hú(投壶 )was played to conclude the assembly. Wishing our families and students a great new year!

"Chinese New Year is one of the most important holidays in Chinese culture. I felt really proud that we were able to introduce some of that culture to QAHS through a variety of showcases on assembly, like singing the Chinese National Anthem, displaying Chinese cultural clothing, traditional Chinese dance, and performing dragon dancing. As part of the dragon dancing team, I was very happy that I could contribute towards making Chinese culture more well-known throughout the school. It was also my final performance, which made it all the more significant and memorable. Being in dragon dancing has led me to learn more about Chinese culture and taught me the spirit of teamwork. It has been an incredible experience through which I have gained many friends and took on numerous challenges that helped me improve my leadership and teaching skills, as well as my confidence in performing on stage. All in all, participating in dragon dancing and performing at the Chinese New Year Assembly was an amazing experience that I will not be forgetting any time soon." - Angie Zhou - Year 12

"QA's Chinese New Year Assembly provided a great opportunity for students to enrich their understanding of Chinese culture, through the depiction of song, dance, and games throughout the event. I was privileged enough to host the assembly which encouraged better practise of my Mandarin." - Harrison Hanley - Year 11

"The CNY Assembly was an amazing experience, to be involved in! Singing is one of my passions and I am always trying to take opportunities to improve my Mandarin, therefore being able to perform a song in Mandarin was the ultimate challenge- one that I am glad to have accepted. This required memorising the lyrics of a song in another language, using the correct pronunciation, and then performing the song with confidence. After many rehearsals, I believe Rohan and I, were able to successfully deliver this multicultural performance which was hopefully, both entertaining and encouraging for other students to further their studies in language." - Sasha-Lee Kuzmanov - Year 11        

IMG_1518.jpg"At the Chinese New Years' Assembly, we were able to perform our dance in front of every person in the school, which I think we were brave enough to do so. As we were performing at the assembly and also at the Awards Night, I felt that the school community was very supportive and I think we were successful because of the support. It was very fun learning the dance and having a good relationship with my peers. I wish the people who will be starting Traditional Chinese Dance good luck and I will guarantee that you will have fun!" - Kanna Yanagisawa - Year 11

"Looking back, the Hanfu presentation on the Chinese New Year assembly was a major success. Personally, I thought that the assembly was a huge success in demonstrating Chinese culture. I really liked the idea of going down either side of the stairways, so that way, everyone at the assembly could witness all the different types of clothing. 

The Hanfus themselves were quite comfortable and I was extremely excited, as they came in a range of colours, sizes and styles. Deciding what to wear under the Hanfus was a little challenging, but everyone came up with their own solution, and I don't think the audience members noticed. I would definitely recommend doing this in the future." - Garlok Lu - Year 11

"The experience I had with the hanfu routine was pleasant overall. I enjoyed coming together and practising with everyone. We had a small close group performing, and we were able to discuss freely whenever we met up. Through the help of our community and the constant management/supervision from Ms Lin and Mr Yang, we were able to pull off the routine quite well. I was happy with how it turned out, and enjoyed doing the routine on the day as I knew the effort we had put in and how I was doing it with the people I had grown closer to along the way." - Olivia Reilly - Year 11

Mrs Joanne Cheng 
Mandarin Faculty

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Last reviewed 11 March 2020
Last updated 11 March 2020