Congratulations Garlok! Recipient of the 2021 TJ Ryan Memorial Scholarship Merit Award



The TJ Ryan Memorial Scholarship Medal represents a long-standing tradition of recognising educational achievement in Queensland. The award is a memorial to Thomas Joseph Ryan, former teacher, barrister and Queensland Premier (1915–1919), and provided to students who demonstrate a strong commitment to high academic achievement and outstanding leadership in both their school and the local community.

Congratulations to 2021 Alumna student (2021 Dux) Garlok Lu who is one of a select number of Queensland State High School students to receive the prestigious 2021 TJ Ryan Memorial Scholarship Merit Award.

During his time at the Academy, Garlok was one of the Academy’s leading citizens and an outstanding scholar.  Garlok is commended on his outstanding results and involvement in many academic competitions, including RACI Australian National Chemistry Quiz (High Distiction); ASCI Big Science Competition (High Distinction); Australian Maths Competition (Distinction); ICAS English (Credit); Science Olympiad Chemistry participation; 'Al for Good' Challenge (Entrepreneurship State Winner - Exceptional Achievement);  Science National Youth Science Forum (Attendee, Exceptional Achievement); Australian Business Week. Garlok also received a CSIRO Gold CREST Award in recognition of his scientific research work in the area of Chemistry, with the title of “How does the efficiency of ion exchange resin filters compare with granular activated carbon filters in the removal of aqueous copper (II) and nitrate ions from 20.00mL samples of 0.1000M copper (II) sulfate and potassium nitrate, quantified by UV-Visible spectrophotometry?”.

Garlok also participated in the Queensland Academies Health Sciences Campus Future Health Leaders Program, a cultural health service learning experience to empower students for their future careers in health and to positively and sustainably impact lives and communities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Garlok maintained a creative, healthy and humanitarian involvement whilst undertaking a challenging academic programme. Through the CAS component, Garlok has taken many opportunities to develop and grow as a person. As an elected member of the Student Executive, Garlok displayed leadership skills by organising and participating in many student-led activities. An excellent debater and public speaker, Garlok actively developed his skills in inquiry and research as a member of the QAHS debating team. He further balanced his academic involvement by actively attending the GRIT Training, Badminton, Running Group and Volleyball. With a keen interest and passion for Chemistry and Music Garlok took part in Chemistry Competition Training as well as Stage Band and Battle of the Bands. He pursued his creative development and healthy involvement through participation in the Australian Business Week Competition, Interschool Sport, the QAHS Cross Country and the Science Survivor House Challenge.  

​Nominations for the 2022 TJ Ryan Memorial Medal and Scholarship program are open from the beginning of Term 4. Year 12 students interested in being considered will be required to submit a self-nomination for consideration in the Academy Selection process, as each Queensland secondary school is only able to nominate one student annually.

Alita Lee
Deputy Principal
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Last reviewed 11 March 2022
Last updated 11 March 2022