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Queensland’s world class education system, beautiful environment and relaxed lifestyle attracts more than 85,000 international students from 160 countries each year. With our borders reopening, and International travel an option again, we celebrate and welcome our International students to QAHS.

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At QAHS we promote opportunities for all students to develop International Mindedness. All of our students study an international focussed curriculum, and graduate bilingual. Over the years there have been numerous outstanding Education Queensland International graduates who now serve in various professions both here in Australia and overseas. Currently at QAHS we have nine international students from various countries choosing to embark on the International Baccalaureate programme with us. We warmly welcome our international students to our QAHS community.

Meet Year 11 student Theo and Year 12 student Nya to read their reflection on their QAHS international student journey so far:

Theodore Supeli, Year 11 international student
At the beginning of my academic journey, I noticed that I had a particular passion for the sciences, so I knew that QAHS was the right choice for me. The academy also offered the International Baccalaureate Program, and since I hope to study abroad, this gave me more incentive towards joining. Additionally, the TOK and CAS aspects of the program interested me as well; reflecting on what it means to actually know and understand ideas.
During my first year at QAHS, I had made many new friends and memories that I will never forget, especially the Academy events such as Battle of the Bands and Jumpstart, just to name a few. As an international student, the transition into the Academy was smooth and enjoyable, and the environment was extremely accepting and friendly. Overall, my time at QA has been very memorable and delightful, and I hope to make more fond memories here with my peers!

Nya Piamrojanaphat, Year 12 international student
QAHS has become my second home, and the community here has become my second family. What makes QAHS so special are the staff and students that make up the QA community. They have provided me with unconditional support and care throughout my two years here in Australia, which has helped me settle in and feel welcomed in a foreign country. 

QAHS has provided me with countless opportunities to develop myself not only as a student but as a well-rounded person. I have become more confident and have opened myself up to many new experiences which all have been very beneficial to develop myself further. Coming to QAHS, I didn’t know much about the International Baccalaureate Program, however, I do know that it is a course which aims not only for high academic achievement, but also for students to become well-rounded and globally aware. I thought that the IB was perfect for me, and so I signed myself up for a little challenge that is the IB. 

The one thing that I have learnt and will keep with me for life is time management, and organization skills, as it is vital to succeeding in such a rigorous programme. Undoubtedly, there were times when challenges presented itself, but I know that I have come out of it stronger and more experienced, which is what IB is all about. But for most of the time, I have enjoyed and embraced every second of everyday that I go to school and get to call QAHS my home away from home.

Alita Lee
Deputy Principal
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Last reviewed 11 March 2022
Last updated 11 March 2022