Gold Coast 96km Kokoda Challenge 2021


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Two teams successfully completed the challenge in less than 27 hours!

The Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge is a gruelling 96kilometre race through the Gold Coast Hinterland that includes 5000metres of elevation. School teams compete in the Stan Bisset Cup as a team of four students with one teacher supervisor. This year we had two teams compete in the challenge. Both performed incredibly well and for the first time in a number of years all ten hikers completed the full 96km. Teams start working towards completion of the event in January by completing practise hikes all over the Gold Coast Hinterland as well as raising money for the Kokoda Youth Foundation. Each team raised a minimum of $650.

QAHS A, supervised by Mr Obst, and consisting of Josh Narain, Nicholas Hamilton, Mia Bergh and Taj Pike set off at a lightning pace and managed to maintain it through to the finish, completing in just 19 hours 26 minutes and placing 3rd in the Stan Bisset Cup. A mammoth effort from that team who displayed impeccable team work. The team had a clear plan to complete in under 20 hours and displayed wonderful mateship and courage to work with each other to achieve their goal. Mia was the fastest female in the school cup which is exceptional given that she is in Year 10. 19 hours 26 minutes will be very difficult to beat for future QAHS Kokoda teams.

QAHS B, supervised by Mr Finlay, with team members Nya Piamrojanaphat, Sonia Alexander, Devam Raval and Hank Rumble worked hard from the outset to ensure all team members were able to finish the event and even though they had some struggles through the middle of the course they pulled together amazingly to finish strong in an above average time of 26 hours 40 minutes, something they didn't think they could do in the dark and cold of the night! This team truly learned the meaning of endurance, sacrifice, mateship and courage as they persevered through each check point.

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The teams would like to thank their amazing support crews made up of parents/care givers, staff (Mrs Hart and Mr Emery) and friends. They provided much needed food, first aid and hugs throughout the event and even went without sleep to ensure competitors had everything they needed.

Congratulations to all team members, their hard work and commitment to the event has been an inspiration to future Kokoda competitors.

Rachael Hart
HOD Global Learners

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Last reviewed 29 July 2021
Last updated 29 July 2021